• Peter Harrison

    Peter Harrison

    I am a researcher focussing on how businesses can be better for everyone; shareholders, employees, communities, the environment.

  • antonio rotolo

    antonio rotolo

  • Karan Taneja

    Karan Taneja

    I shake my head in wonder most of the time.

  • Shreyas More

    Shreyas More

    Architect | Researcher of responsive environments and material science | Faculty and Researcher at ISDI | www.shreyasmore.in | www.isdi.in

  • r3.0


    r3.0 is a pre-competitive & market-making non-profit delivering groundbreaking Blueprints, Transformation Journeys and Conferences for system value creation.

  • Liudmyla Kyryliuk

    Liudmyla Kyryliuk

  • Patric Douglas

    Patric Douglas

  • Manfredi Morello

    Manfredi Morello

    Italian- MA Int Security; MA EU Studies; Blogger Eu-Politank; CSRnatives; GlobeTrotter News (Luiss University).

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